Holly Nguyen – South Bay

My first time with a personal trainer and I am glad I’ve picked Beau. He’s tough and knows exactly what he’s doing to help me getting the body I want. The training sessions were very intense and addicting. There wasn’t a single time I left the training session and not feeling like a brand new person without the liposuction of course! I’ve been getting so much compliments from everyone around me. They noticed a big change in me after 6 weeks. He also taught me to have determination and will power to achieve my fitness goal and whatever goal I set for myself down the road. I never work so hard for anything in my life until I signed up for his training. I recommend him to all my friends because not only that he could help you achieving your fitness goal in a short period of time, you can also smack talk him all you want, the dude is pretty funny( Not funny looking! Haha).

My name is Holly Nguyen, 32 year old and I am a senior accountant for an aerospace company in the South Bay area.

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